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Impacts across different industries

Get a brief overview of selected projects that our team has realized to date. They are spread across our entire service spectrum and range from conceptual design and the development of dedicated industrial software to spin-offs and our own companies.

To automate the processing of international trade documents, we have built a combination of open source OCR with a specially trained Large Language Model (LLM), which not only reads out the relevant information in seconds, but also performs the verification checks that are important for financing decisions. In the future, the solution can also be used as part of automation in customer interactions.

Data extraction using OCR + Open-Source LLM

Automotive sector compliance through AI

For the Dutch government, our experts have developed an AI-driven system that accurately identifies and assesses car dealerships and garages for compliance. This technology significantly speeds up the assessment process, improves the accuracy of inspections and leads to a reduction in process costs of around 80%. In addition to the efficiency gains, the AI-driven solution supports the efforts of local politicians and state inspectors to maintain high standards in the industry.

Trade Financing was (and still is) a cumbersome, slow and paper-intensive process. We digitalized the whole process chain in one coherent platform, from the application for financing, via the necessary declarations from the trading partners involved all the way to the execution of financing both for invoices (Factoring) as well as Purchase Financing (Goods). 

Digitizing Trade Finance

Improved medical diagnostics: MedCare AI

Together with a team of technical experts, medical professionals and research partners in hospitals and universities, our team has developed an AI-based application for radiology to improve medical diagnostics in developing countries. Our solutions such as AI-4COVID, AI-4CHXRAY and AI-4TB use machine learning and deep learning techniques to address often-occurring physician and medical staff shortages, thereby significantly improving patient care.

With DocLytix, we realized a processing engine for documents using cutting-edge Generative-AI technology. Combined with a tailored platform, data extraction, analysis and interpretation transforms unstructured data from diverse documents into actionable intelligence, providing rapid insights and supportive decision making.

Intelligent document handling with DocLytix

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